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Esprit isn’t letting anything go to waste. The Hong Kong-based apparel brand has released a collection of casual and denim pieces derived from its own manufacturing off-cuts. The “Recycled Collection by Esprit,” unveiled on Thursday, uses 74 percent less water and 18 percent less electricity than comparative garments, according to the company, a move that results in roughly 54 percent fewer greenhouse-gas emissions per item. Designed in collaboration with Janko Lam, winner of the 2011 EcoChic Design Award, the line is part of Esprit’s overall goal to reduce textile waste and promote sustainable production in one of the garment capitals of the world.


At least 22 percent of Esprit’s recycled denim uses cotton gathered from the label’s own production waste. Likewise, its T-shirts comprise 35 percent recycled cotton, with recycled PET making up the remaining 65 percent.

Because nothing was re-dyed, the fabrics offer a pastiche of colors that follow the original off-cuts.

Because nothing was re-dyed, the fabrics offer a pastiche of colors that reflect the original off-cuts. “The patchwork design conveys a sense of farm life and all things fresh and positive such as sunshine, nature and a green earth,” reads a press release. “It’s fashionable. It’s sustainable. It’s the future.”

During production, Esprit’s supply chain was assessed and audited by several third-party organizations, including Redress, organizer of the EcoChic Design Awards; Control Union, which specializes in the Global Organic Textile Standard; and Reset Carbon, a carbon-management firm.

The Recycled Collection by Esprit will be available at the company’s Tsim Sha Tsui flagship store and select Esprit boutiques starting May 8.

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