Esprit and New Look have joined H&M in suspending the production of angora-based garments over animal-welfare concerns. The firms’ decision, ostensibly made in the wake of shocking footage from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is likely another blow to the angora-fiber trade, 90 percent of which stems from China. “As long as the industry lacks credible certification and proof that it complies with according policies on animal welfare, Esprit imposes a ban on angora wool,” Charles Dickinson, Esprit’s head of global quality management ad sustainability, says in a statement. “Esprit does not accept methods such as live plucking within its production—neither on geese, ducks, or on rabbits.”

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Esprit says its boycott of angora wool will stay in place until “control and transparency can be obtained in the angora wool supply chain that assures proper animal husbandry.”

Like H&M, New Look is offering a “full, no-quibble” refund to customers who wish to return their angora items.

New Look, which operates out of the United Kingdom, is taking a similar stance. “Whilst our continuing supply chain audits and investigations have not identified our suppliers angora farms as party to these shocking abuses, as a precautionary measure, we have taken action and put our angora production on immediate hold,” the retailer says in a press release. “Beyond our present stocks and consignments in transit, we have paused our angora production and will only continue when we are 100 percent happy with welfare standards.

Other companies that have also ceased angora production include Danish firm IC Companys, which owns the Tiger of Sweden, By Malene Birger, and Peak Performance brands, as well as Sweden’s Lindex, MQ, Acne, and Gina Tricot labels.

Like H&M, New Look is offering customers who wish to return their angora items a “full, no-quibble” refund.

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