The Ethical Fashion Forum wants to “do fashion better.” To achieve that, the London-based industry body is shoring up its arsenal of tools and services to help fashion professionals and businesses boost their sustainable and ethical profiles. The rebranded “Mysource”, which Ethical Fashion Forum founder Tamsin Lejeune describes as the organization’s “next phase,” will build on the current “Source” platform. One major improvement? A algorithm to pair users with people and resources best-suited to their needs, “so that fabric, manufacturer, market report, line sheet template, or business connection you were looking for will pop up straight away,” Lejeune explained.


Mysource will also rank users according to an “integrated benchmarking system” that includes social, environmental, and commercial criteria.

“We’re working with partner organisations to make this as robust as it can be. The higher users are ranked, the more profile they get on the site,” said Lejeune. “So that small, Ethiopian shoe brand with a great product that is changing lives, could stand out to buyers and get extensive profile on the site.”

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But all these bells and whistles don’t come cheap. The Ethical Fashion Forum says it’s hoping to raise £400,000 through Crowdcube to take the concept live. (The campaign is set to launch on October 26.)

Lejeune says she wants Mysource to do for sourcing what “LinkedIn has done for recruitment,” while promoting best practices in supply-chain innovation.

“Mysource will transform the way fashion business is done, creating a community that drives forward best practices from one end of the supply chain to the other,” she said, before adding: “Help us change the world.”

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