Ethnotek are the design team behind these high quality bags that incorporate ethically sourced handmade textiles from across the planet. As they launch their new summer travel collection, Ecouterre decided to delve into the ethos behind their products. As well as socially responsible laptop bags the studio has recently put the finishing touches on the Chiburi Travel Wallet and the Cyclo Sling, both of which are great accessories for mobility and travellers with a green conscience who want to know exactly where their accessories come from.

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Through their original laptop bags, Ethnotek started off hoping to tell the story of the artisans they partnered with around the world. From India to Guatemala, the fabric collected and used told the stories of these places and the people who made them. Now expanding with their exciting travel line, the studio keep the focus on this socially-conscious philosophy, handcrafted using cultural textiles.

Innovative, functional and full of color the Cyclo Sling is a vibrant adaptation on the classic waist-bag. It hugs close to the body to keep valuable items safe, such as a cellphone or an iPod. An additional accessible main compartment can store a light jacket, notebook, and tablet for easy use.

Similarly, the Chiburi Travel Wallet is full of pockets and compartments to fit useful travel documents. It takes its name from the Japanese god of ocean voyage who grants safe passage to travelers which the studio designed to remain secure! For a full look at the full collection visit the website at the link below.

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