Vintage shopping is a great way to get one of a kind pieces at a value, all the while not adding to the fashion waste in the world. But one woman has taken vintage hunting to the extreme- chasing funerals to get threads for free! Featured on an episode of “Extreme Cheapskates,” clothes collector Lydia talks about how she scours obituaries in search of “good candidates” for scoring vintage pieces for free.

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Completely unscrupulous in her search, Lydia’s method of acquiring vintage pieces is no less than unethical. Studying the obituaries in her local newspaper, Lydia then shows up at funerals, a process she calls “funeral tracking.” While family members are mourning over their loved one’s death, Lydia is plotting the perfect time to approach the family.

Once at the funeral, Lydia has no problem approaching the grieving family in her quest for vintage duds. She has been known to express her sympathy over the passing of a loved one, then offer the service of clearing out their homes in exchange for some key items from their vintage clothing collection. As expected, many of the families are insulted, or shocked by her request, and immediately dismiss her.

Lydia has been practicing her “funeral tracking” tactic for over six years, claiming that her methods are driven by her passion for vintage fashion. We are all for finding the perfect vintage piece, but Lydia makes the fun of vintage clothing downright grim.

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