For Carrie Collins and Mary Casper of Fabric Horse, tool belts aren’t just for workmen. The duo’s utility belts cater to cyclist, hipster, and nerd alike by combining edgy urban style with hands-free practicality. Designed to stow your travel essentials, each belt is made to order in their Philadelphia studio from castoff scraps and remnant material, including bicycle inner tubes and selvage edges. In other words, your Great-Aunt Gertrude’s fanny pack, these are not.

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Available in five styles, the utility belts feature a variety of pockets, pouches, and straps for holding all manner of personal paraphernalia: pens, keys, cellphones, cash, and more. Integrated in many of the designs is one of Fabric Horse’s most popular products: the U-lock holster, a strap made from old seat belts for cyclists to store their locks when two-wheeling across town.

Fabric Horse sources its materials from local thrift stores and textile manufacturers.

Fabric Horse reclaims its waxed canvas, nylon, and vinyl scraps from local thrift stores and textile manufacturers, including R.E.Load, a local producer of messenger bags and accessories. Although the mix of textures and colors give the label’s wares an uncommon appearance, the materials also have a calculated purpose. The “Superhero” belt, for instance, is constructed mostly from nylon, but its pockets are lined with waterproof vinyl, so your gear is safe even in a rainstorm.

+ Utility Belt $68-$146

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