Do you struggle with deciding what to donate when cleaning out your closet? Need a little extra push to let go of that old dress or sweater that you only wore once? Don’t worry, there is an app for that. DDB has developed “You’ll Never Wear That Again” for the nonprofit Stockholm StadMission, a Facebook application that scans your photos to identify what is out of fashion and ready to be recycled. Users can share their collages of tagged clothing, invite friends to gift their threads, and locate charity shops that accept donations nearby.

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The charity organization Stockholm StadMission understands that fast fashion can lead to bloated wardrobes filled with out-of-date styles. Taking advantage of social media, the nonprofit which operates second-hand stores around the city encourages donations through identifying what should clearly find a better home.

After installing, the application trawls through random photos and gives the user 10 seconds to decide whether to give their outfit a second chance, or mark it for donation. Friends can also tag the photos of people in their circle, giving someone a slight elbow nudge letting them know that they have committed a fashion faux pas. Once tagged, directions appear as to where old clothes can be dropped off. An excellent way to urge someone to do something good for others as well as themselves, the application would be a great addition to the missions of Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

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