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To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight in the United Kingdom, the Fairtrade Foundation has collaborated with 14 of Britain’s hottest designers on a series of scarves made from fair-trade cotton.

Revealed at the Estethica showcase at London Fashion Week’s, the designers of the newly christened Fairtrade Collective include Marios Schwab, Athena Procopiou, Hussain Chalayan, and Ecouterre favourite Ada Zandtion.

The goal of the scarves is to raise awareness of the issues facing cotton farmers around the world, as well as promote the value of fair trade. “It’s vital to utilise cotton in a modern fashion through strong design,” says NEWGEN designer Holly Fulton. “Hopefully, projects such as this will encourage that; I certainly look at fair trade in a different light now.”

The scarves will be sold exclusively online at ASOS from February 28 to March 13.

The scarves will be sold exclusively online at ASOS throughout Fairtrade Fortnight, which runs from February 28 to March 13. Because they’re extremely limited edition, we recommend hopping online first thing on Monday if you’re planning to snap one up.

The Fairtrade Collective is hoping to get as many street snaps of people wearing the scarves during Fairtrade Fortnight. Photographers will be roaming towns across the U.K. taking pictures, but international fair-trade fans will also be able to upload photos of themselves to the site.

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