“The first time that the arcs hit me fully on stage was very scary, but incredibly interesting being in contact with such a free and pure form of electricity,” she wrote of her experience on Instructables, where she describes the process of constructing the dress. “All went good and no humans got broken during the process,” she added.

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Despite the tongue-in-cheek title of her post, “How to Get Fashionably Struck by Lightning,” Wipprecht cautions amateurs against trying the same at home. “If the arcs raise through your heart, you might not live to tell, so if anything, this process was done very carefully,” she said. “ArcAttack have been doing this for over 12 years and are specialists in their field.”

For the foolhardy who will not be dissuaded, she has one remaining piece of advice. “Don’t wear this dress to a bar, as sitting was impossible with the metal plates,” Wipprecht said.

+ Faraday Cage Dress at Instructables

+ Anouk Wipprecht

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