“With visible construction and hidden details, we wanted to create something that forces the wearer to dig a little deeper and to get to know the garment,” Ward explained in a statement. “Rather than picking an obvious skyscraper for our inspiration, we looked closer and liked the industrial feeling of the location, focusing in on the finer details.”

Pan expressed surprise at how easy the fabrics were to work with. “We were expecting the materials at the challenge to be a lot heavier and more difficult to manage,” she said. “Working with Ford’s fabric today has definitely inspired me to look for more sustainable fabrics in my future designs.”

The duo constructed the dress in a mere three-and-a-half hours following an educational workshop about design’s role in product sustainability. Held by Ford in collaboration with Redress, the Hong Kong-based textile nonprofit behind the EcoChic Design Award, the dialogue encouraged cross-industry thinking between the automotive and fashion fields, particularly when it comes to environmental solutions.

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This is the second consecutive year that Redress has partnered with Ford, which is also a sponsor of the EcoChic Design Award.

“As designers, we constantly need to look to the horizon, both in regards to style forecasts and the environmental challenges ahead,” said Marie Smyth, senior designer, color and materials design, at Ford Asia Pacific. “When we sit down to design a product, we always look for new ways to reduce its environmental impact. So when it comes to sustainability, designers have a huge responsibility—one that we are passionate about.”

Christina Dean, founder and CEO of Redress, expressed a need for every industry to take responsibility, as well as innovate, to ensure the future of the planet.

“Textile waste is an increasing problem in many countries, as clothing production and consumption continues to increase,” Dean said. “Sustainable design thinking is as relevant for fashion as it is for the automotive industry.”

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