Janette Crawford of Fashion Loves People is a design maven, a collector of beauty, and a entrepreneur with a social conscience. She seems to have really hit her stride in her latest venture—a limited-edition collection of handmade jewelry by her favorite indie designers, including Alyson Fox, Early Jewelry, Manimal, and Adoura Demode. Because many of the designs are made from reclaimed or recycled materials, you’ll have to get ’em while they’re hot. The pieces are selling out fast and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

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Crawford is exploring the world of conscious design from all angles, first with her blog, and then by collaborating with designer J. Kirk Davis on a range of eco-friendly T-shirts. In conjunction with the launch of the jewelry collaboration, Fashion Loves People ? Kirk’s is also feting its latest design: “Seeing Dots,” based on a 1972 fashion illustration by Kirk, which in turn was inspired by Norman Norell’s iconic evening gowns. Ethically produced in the Dominican Republic, the tees are printed on a blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and naturally occurring rayon.

Fshion Loves People ? Kirk’s is also feting its latest T-shirt design, based on a 1972 fashion illustration

“Seeing Dots” is Crawford and Kirk’s third design and they wanted to announce it to the world with a splash, which is where the jewelry collection comes in. “I would have been photographing my tees with complementary jewelry anyway,” Crawford tells Ecouterre. “So why not make the most of it and help promote some incredible designers?

If fashion loves people, we’re positive that the people are loving it back.

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