Photo by Tina Fineberg/New York Times

Hello, goodbye: For its last fling at Bryant Park, New York Fashion Week will be carbon neutral for the first time. (TreeHugger)

EcoSalon’s Amy DuFault wants certain newspaper journalists (coughvanessafriedmancough) to know that splitting hairs over the definition of eco-fashion serves no one. (EcoSalon)

How do we love thee, lyocell? Let designer Julia Roebuck count the ways in iambic pentameter. (Upcycle Fashion)

A Human Bee Pollinator suit shows us that a future without bees would make us look really, really dorky. (Fashioning Technology)

Smart advice from From Somewhere’s Orsola de Castro: “Buy clothes with longing and desire, don’t buy on a whim, and always buy thinking you will pass it on to someone else. That way you will buy good quality and classic styles.” (The Telegraph)