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Since Fashioning Change launched a year ago, the company has conducted more than 60,000 “green shopping interventions” by helping consumers recreate high-street looks using sustainable and ethical brands. (Its online marketplace features a growing stable of designers, including Afia, Carry Parry, GUNAS, and Love is Mighty.) It was probably only a matter of time before it dipped into the manufacturing side of the equation.

Since Fashioning Change launched a year ago, the company has conducted more than 60,000 “green shopping interventions.”

“KCA by FashioningChange.com was a natural evolution for us,” Herrera tells Ecouterre. “People love ‘Wear This, Not That’ so it’s something we’ve been thinking about for a while. The recent factory fires in Pakistan, that took over 300 garment workers lives, pushed us over the edge.”

For KCA’s inaugural lineup, Herrera and her team decided to stick to evergreen basics that serve as the staples and workhorses of everyone’s wardrobe. Unlike their counterparts at Gap, J.Crew, or Urban Outfitters, however, every item includes a scannable Quick Response code that unlocks their supply-chain provenance.

“I grew-up with parents that taught me a purchase is a vote for the practices of the company we buy from and that each purchase connects me to people and places around the world,” Herrera says. “Growing up with that unique lens on the world always left me questioning what a purchase was connecting me to.”

In a move that Herrera describes “turning the tables on [fast-fashion] companies,” prices are remarkably wallet-friendly, ranging from $19.98 to $39.98. “We are going after their shopper by producing stylish essentials and timeless pieces that fuse together aesthetics, ethics, and accessible price points,” she says. “It makes us extremely happy to provide shoppers affordable ethical shopping options that are versatile, thereby giving shoppers even more bang for their buck.”

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