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The “fully sustainable” textile, which is not yet available to fashion designers in significant quantities, was created in the same hydroelectricity-powered Moses Lake, Wash. plant that produces carbon fiber for the BMW i3 and i8, according to BMW.

The “fully sustainable” textile was created in the same hydroelectricity-powered plant that produces carbon fiber for the BMW i3 and i8.

The Felders called it the perfect complement to their aesthetic, which they described as “elegant with a rock ‘n’ roll edge.”

“The carbon fabrics are amazing and unlike anything we’ve used before; we are honored to be given access to them before anyone else,” they said in a statement. “The woven fiber allows us to do more with the designs and push the boundaries of sustainable fashion. It adds amazing structure and the frayed carbon looks so great as tassels.”

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The dress marks the second time Felder Felder has collaborated with the car company. Last September, the sisters decked out a fleet of BMW i3s in their Spring/Summer 2016 “Florida Flamingo” print.


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