The sumptuous accessories in Fielder’s Choice Goods’ line channel America’s favorite past time- baseball. The line of leather goods are upcycled from vintage baseball gloves, giving the disused leather a new life. The custom belts, wallets, keychains and hats bear all of the details of their former sporty lives, carrying on the traditional past time into modern fashion, while upcycling materials that would be bound for the landfill.

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The idea behind Fielder’s Choice Goods is to break out of the digital age for a moment, and bring an honor back to forgotten pastimes and artifacts. Tradition coupled with the modern need for sustainability and recycling inspired the pieces, which reuse baseball gloves that are too worn to use in sport, without encouraging the current leather market.

Years of wear, tear, and sporting use has given these vintage leather pieces a unique texture and variation of color. The leather also still bears signatures, stamps and embroidering from its former use, giving the wallets, belts and accessories extra character.

Fielder’s Choice Goods includes vintage leather-embellishing baseball hats, key holders, belts and a line of wallets, all made from vintage Wilson and Rawlings gloves. Each piece is hand cut and hand sewn in the United States, making for quality pieces that are not all alike, and made to withstand the test of time.

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