You were born to be wild, but cruising down the highway on your five-speed without looking like Dorkus maximus is no mean feat when you have an underwater missile perched on your noggin. (Helmet head still trumps brain damage any day, s’il vous plait.) The Danish designers at Yakkay make kickin’ it carbon- and concussion-free in style a cinch, with a range of interchangeable covers that transform your helmet from a houndstooth peaked cap to a fuzzy faux-fur topper in seconds.

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Available in five collections (Luzern, Dublin, Paris, Tokyo, Cambridge), Yakkay’s helmet covers can be purchased à la carte ($57), so fickle fashion lovers can change their look on the fly without investing in a whole new helmet. The hard hat itself, which meets European safety standards, comes in three sizes and can be adjusted with adhesive inserts for a snugger fit. To lend the entire ensemble a modern edge, a stainless-steel buckle ties everything together.

+ Helmet and Cover $145 at 50cycles

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