Sustainable design may not be synonymous with the fashion industry in China, but two designers are seeking to change that by creating playful stylish designs from recycled plastic bottles. Based in Shanghai, Finch Apparel use 100% organic and sustainable fabrics that are all responsibly sourced. The idea is ‘fashion with a conscience’, and the Finch team say they are dedicated to producing their line with objectives, such as fair labor practices and a concern for the environment.

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The duo behind the designs are Heather Kaye and Itee Soni who hail from New York and New Delhi respectively. They met in Shanghai and set up this sustainable fashion house in 2010, and have been cultivating a combination of social responsibility, original designs, and textile communities both locally and internationally.

Having control over everything the designers produce is hard, but with an entirely transparent supply chain, Finch are managing to create a sustainable base from which to produce eco-textiles. From these foundations of social responsibility and a carbon-neutral manufacturing facility, Finch aims to welcome small-scale designers to create garments and accessories in the Shanghai area. This year they are also hoping to expand by setting-up eco-conscious boutiques in Hong Kong, and then beyond.

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