Unlike most technical-apparel lines, U.K.-based Finisterre provides tough, fashion-forward, and comfortable clothing that treads lightly on the environment. Taking a page out of Mother Nature’s playbook, Finesterre has developed a new, high-performance fabric that is designed to ventilate and protect in the harshest of conditions.

Finesterre Bise Vest


Mimicking the natural waterproofing qualities of animal fur—without the fur—the Biomimetic Finisterre Nappa lining works to keep you dry by actively moving moisture away from your body. Used in tandem with the 100 percent recycled polyester outer shell that comprises most of the label’s outwear, the lining helps maintain breathability while protecting its wearer from the elements.

The Biomimetic Finisterre Nappa lining mimics the natural waterproofing qualities of animal fur.

The polyester-based biomimetic waterproofing does away with Finisterre’s old membrane linings, as well as the solvents, laminates, heat seals, and clogged membrane pores that they involved. All components are replaceable, according to the company, as well as easily recyclable.

Finesterre Storm Track Jacket


Some of our favorites for Fall/Winter 2009 include Matanuska M65, a wonderful rendition of the classic M65 military jacket that has been infused with beeswax to weatherproof it against light rain and brisk winds. The Storm Track and Humboldt, both of which feature venting pockets and collars for effective heating and cooling, are standouts, as well. We can also see ourselves pairing the Etobiocke and the Bise Vest, which handily pack into their own pockets, for extra warmth.

All of Finesterre’s garb is ethically made in Portugal and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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