My, my, my, Hermione Granger! Judging from the sneak peeks of Emma Watson’s collaboration with People Tree, the Burberry- and Chanel-fronting starlet does cazh just as well as couture. Chockfull of breezy, youthful fare that is a far cry from her dour Hogwarts cloak, Watson’s “Love From Emma” line offers organic cotton jersey tees, sustainable knitwear, and recycled accessories designed to appeal to her teen demographic’s sense of cool and conscience.

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That’s her brother, Alex, behind her.


But our favorite twitchy witchy, who’s a freshman at Brown University, doesn’t want you to mistake her for any kind of designer. “I don’t have any plans to be a designer,” she tells the Daily Mail. “I’m doing this range because I really care about fair-trade and ethical fashion.”

“This is not a celebrity endorsement,” says Watson. “It’s about making a difference through fashion.

Neither should you assume that this is just another celebrity vanity project, she insists. “I didn’t want this collection to be all about me,” Watson says. “This is not a celebrity endorsement, it is about creating something that is genuinely a great idea and about making a difference through fashion.”

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