Vegans, rejoice! Noon Solar is debuting a vegan-friendly collection of fabric bags made from naturally dyed organic textiles and cork trims. Due to make landfall in stores in late October, the Noon Naturals line comprises six designs—all sans the company’s signature solar panels—that are a departure from the bag maker’s usual vegetable-tanned leather offerings.

All of Noon’s fabric bags, from the acid-trippy Beldon hobo to the miltary-esque Damen satchel, are made in Chicago from organic cotton and hemp fabrics. They’re hand-dyed with chemical-free, plant-derived pigments (pomegranate, madder root, walnuts) using the Japanese tie-dye technique known as shibori, then fitted with antique brass hardware and padded with pockets. Because variations with natural dyes are commonplace, each piece is one of a kind. How’s that for looking on the bright side?

+ Noon Solar