Tired of getting the wrong fit when shopping online? Try the FitBot on for size. Designed by Fits.me, a biorobotics company based in Estonia and Germany, each robot mannequin comprises a series of shifting mechanical “muscles” that replicate thousands of body types based on the shopper’s measurements. Plus, your doppelgänger does all the work for you, so you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office to try something on. The technology isn’t just a boon to folks who lack access to local retail stores, but it also eliminates the tiresome (and often gas-guzzling) process of ordering a garment sight unseen, only to return it because it doesn’t fit.


Although male versions were introduced in 2010, their lady counterparts took longer to create because of the added dimensions of the female form. Equal or greater success is expected, however. After the male FitBot was introduced, a German test-run showed that the robots increased sales by 300 percent and reduced returns by 28 percent, demonstrating that people don’t have a sixth sense when it comes to what works or doesn’t work on their bodies.

A test-run showed that the robots increased sales by 300 percent, while reducing returns by 28 percent.

“Using proprietary FitBot technology, robots can conform to over 85 percent of the female individuals that shop online today,” says Maarja Kruusmaa, professor of biorobotics at Tallinn Technical University and co-developer of Fits.me concept. ” Fits.me has already collected information from well over 100,000 male end-users, and the data confirms what many intrinsically observe; over half of the customers chose a size that is different than the traditional size chart would recommend.”

The female Fitbot will launch at British retailer Hawes & Curtis, where the male mannequin already holds court. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing how they measure up.

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