Photos by Beatrice Puertollano

Floreia’s beautiful line of  jewelry and accessories are made from “Mother earth’s natural scrap materials”- like fallen bark, dead shrubs, and found twigs from the forest floor, as well as recycled materials. Made in the Philippines on the exotic island of Cebu, Floreia was inspired to create the eco-friendly line as an alternative to the local tradition of burning agro-forest debris collected when clearing grounds around forested areas. The shape and nature of the castoff twigs and plant pieces inspired the design of the eco-friendly jewelry, while also providing jobs for local artisans.

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Using Mother Earth’s natural design as inspiration, Floreia’s pieces come in two collections: Naturescast and Nucast. Twigs and fallen forest debris are reworked into the Naturescast line, into beautifully unique pendant and choker necklaces. Strung on sustainable twine and enclosures, the pieces are combined with recyclable and biodegradable elements, and held together with water-based binders.

The Nucast collection is mostly made from recycled newspapers, which are reworked into moldable elements like beads, charms, and statement necklaces. The newspaper pulp can be molded into any shape, creating endless possibilities.

Together, the Nucast and Naturescast lines help Floreia not only give back to Mother Earth, but also to the people of Cebu. The small, sustainable company not only leaves little carbon footprint, but also invigorates the local economy. Floreia’s beautiful pieces are truly a line of guilt-free jewelry.

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