“I’ve been really impressed by the people who are making green chic. People tend to think of eco-fashion as uncomfortable or ugly, but you just have to look at someone like Stella McCartney to see how gorgeous it can be. Rogan did that amazing partnership with Target where everything was eco-conscious. For me, it’s been really fun to watch the people who are doing things that are still considered cool and fashionable—but are making an impact.

It’s been fun to watch people who are doing things that are considered fashionable but are making an impact.

“I loved Natalie Portman doing the shoe line made with no animal products. That’s the kind of stuff that’s so exciting. Even Philip Lim did this great green line. I’m hoping to see more people using eco-friendly materials. At this point, it’s as beautiful as the other stuff—why use toxic dyes when you can use nontoxic dyes?”

—Actress Sophia Bush, who stars in One Tree Hill, on why she hopes more designers use eco-friendly materials.