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What looks like a fetching red tote bag, for instance, is in reality the “2-round Tactical Gravity Planter,” complete with a motorized conveyer belt secreted within. At the touch of a button, the mechanism kicks into gear, swiftly dispatching seedlings through a discreet flap on the bottom.

A brown men’s brogue fires seeds from a tube around its heel.

Other forms of seed-dispersing artillery includes the “Mk II Agent Deployed Field Auger,” a nondescript briefcase that bores holes in the ground with a clandestine internal drill, a men’s brogue that fires seeds from a tube around its heel, and a long-range “Precision Bombing Device” camera that shoots seed pellets encased in capsules.

“These designs allow the guerrilla gardener to integrate their assaults into their everyday routine,” says Harden.

Aston Martin not included.

+ The Subversive Gardener

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