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Actress and model Pamela Anderson wants MAC Cosmetics to get their act together. The former Viva Glam spokesmodel is calling out the beauty retailer in a plea to reinstate their cruelty-free policy, which was abandoned to sell cosmetics in China. Anderson wrote an open letter to John Demsey, president of parent company Estee Lauder, declaring her disgust and disdain for the company’s new policy to test on animals in order to have a market in China.

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Pamela Anderson was the proud face for MAC’s celebrated Viva Glam line back in 2004. But the animal rights activist changed her tune on the popular make up line when PETA revealed that MAC would soon be peddling products in China. China is known for archaic cosmetic regulations, requiring cosmetic companies to test on animals in order to gain access to the Chinese consumers.

In the heartfelt letter, Anderson illustrates the senseless torture performed on rabbits, ice, rats, guinea pigs and other animals in cosmetic testing procedures in China, of which are not required in the European Union or the United States market. Anderson also sends a hopefully message, asking MAC. to aspire to the likes of Urban Decay, Dermalogica, Nature’s Gate and Pangea Organics, who have pulled sales in China until cosmetic testing there becomes cruelty free.

Both PETA and Anderson hope that as a former face of MAC., the cosmetics company will become inspired to pull their business from China, and any other countries that require testing on animals.

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