Because the jeans contain neither rivets nor nylon thread, each pair is 100 percent compostable—at least once the metal buttons are unscrewed (and reused, per Freitag).

Like the rest of the F-abric range, the denim conforms to the strictest of Oeko-Tex standards, which tests textile products for harmful substances in all stages of their production. “No one likes to wear toxic clothing,” Freitag said at the launch of F-abric in November.

Available in dark blue and black, the jeans offer reinforced selvage and lap seams to withstand heavy wear.

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Another benefit of the bast material? “The moisture- and thermo-regulating, antibacterial and antisynthetic fibers make them more comfortable to wear,” Freitag adds.

Freitag will debut men’s version in stores on August 27, with the women’s following suit on October 1. Catch a sneak peek of the jeans in action in the video above.

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