If you are looking for eco-friendly lingerie this Christmas, look no further than the nearest pine tree. French designer Sophie Young is recycling used Christmas trees, turning the pine needles into sexy underwear to ensure that the trees don’t go to waste after the holidays. Instead they are getting a new lease of life as these stunning pieces of lingerie that look as soft as silk! According to the Do You Green designer the fabrics feel equally as delicate, and by the time the pine needles are transformed into undies they have lost their prickly touch.

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On the website the fabric is described like a kind of viscose, a fibre similarly made from regenerated wood cellulose, just as this fabric is regenerated pine needles. The sustainable garments are thought to be more hygienic due to the amount of air that can circulate through the fabric. As they are made from natural fibers, the garments also absorb twice as much humidity as cotton, helping to keep bacteria at bay. As well as this, each item is dyed using eco-friendly non-toxic dyes to ensure that no consumer could suffer an allergic reaction.

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The collection is produced in France and Tunisia and the full process is fascinating. All the wood used to make the range is broken down by enzymes and the wood then turns into a dough by which time fibers can be extracted – this can take up to several days. Bales of fibers are then assembled and spun by a traditional process and then turned into the stylish designs.

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