As if you aren’t already sick of Disney’s Frozen, this bizarre story out of Japan will have you completely off the animated flick. Triumph Lingerie has deputed the ‘Close Sister Bra’, which changes colors when it bumps into a fellow sister bra. Inspired by the two sisters in Frozen, the snowflake decorated bras feature color-changing electronic paper that switch to black with white hearts when they touch. The point of the bra is to inspire confidence in women when they are close to their bestie, ah-hem, dancing around half naked with their bestie. Frankly, we’re a little baffled as to how this could at all inspire confidence in women, but hey, to each her own?

Frozen, if you’ve somehow forgotten what the point of that movie was, is about two sisters who become closer after one of them almost destroys the kingdom. That sisterly love is apparently what inspired Triumph Lingerie to make this Japanese oddity of lingerie and what better way to display sisterly love than have matching bras that change colors when you’re together! Just bump your bras together and change the pattern for all to enjoy.

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The ‘Close Sister Bra’ features electronic paper that can change in an instant from an icy snowflake pattern to one with heart-shaped polka dots. In addition to the bras made with electronic paper, the set comes with attachable icy-blue bra capes, interchangeable and decorated bra straps, plus matching skirts. Just line the hearts up on the skirt when you ‘snuggle’ so a full heart is visible. Then there are two sets of push-up pads to fill out the bras with one called ‘Big Sister’ and the other ‘Little Sister’. These outfits are certain to empower young women and build self-confidence, but just as long as you’re dancing around in your lingerie with your sister.

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