Six big-league American clothing brands—including Gap, Liz Clairborne, and Macy’s—have joined forces to pressure the Australian woolgrowers association to compromise with animal-rights activists over the issue of mulesing. (EthicalStyle)

The National Association of Sustainable Fashion Designers is launching a yearlong webinar series with Fair Trade U.S.A. (formerly TransFair) and the blog EcoFashionWorld to help eco-fashion entrepreneurs solve prickly issues. (TreeHugger)

Call it Etsy for the Greek set: Yiuco is a new online marketplace that specializes in products that use recycled or repurposed materials. (Springwise)

The U.S. textile industry has denounced the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) for paving the way for prolonged outsourcing of textile, apparel, and manufacturing jobs. (Fibre2Fashion)

U.K.’s Fairtrade Foundation has announced the launch of Fairtrade Collective, an exclusive range of fair-trade cotton scarves produced in collaboration with leading designers. (Fairtrade Foundation