Engrained in Melbourne-based outerwear design house Gehrich’s ethos are two simple values: timeless style and quality over quantity. Focused on a “considered” design approach, Gehrich places great emphasis on form, function and materials in each piece of outerwear designed and created. Established by designer Samantha Gehrich and Chris Thomas in 2013, Gehrich’s mantra is refreshing against the backdrop of mass produced fashion houses. “We decided against the fast-fashion path and now we have the opportunity to decide the path for GEHRICH within the fashion world.”

Chris tells Ecouterre, “The ultimate goal of this process is always to end up with a wearable, stylish and luxurious piece that is constructed to stand the test of time.”

Despite the significant amount of research it took, it was important to GEHRICH to produce their main collections and all outerwear pieces locally in Australia. Just as each design is purposely created, Gehrich’s business model exemplifies the same attention to detail. Although producing locally was a difficult undertaking, the benefits significantly outweigh any hardship. “The main advantage it gives us apart from being more ethical is a greater level of control over the whole production process.” The reward is an outerwear and accessories line reflective of their true vision. The benefit is also seen through the support of local businesses and local skills. “We may not have a vast network of garment manufacturers in Australia anymore, but what we do have are some very talented tailors and garment workers.”

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Gehrich hopes to promote the concept of sustainable fashion through a less obvious ideology that is not simply based more on efficiency and thoughtful production. Chris tells Ecouterre, “That producing products of higher quality, limiting collection sizes, and making garments that last, Gehrich is promoting the idea of using less, wasting less, and reducing their impact on the environment.”

When asked about the future of Gehrich, Chris and Samantha are pragmatic and strategic. Wanting to maintain their strong focus, the pair plans to continue to strengthen their foundation of beautifully designed outerwear, for both men and women, before expanding the line. The company also currently offers a limited collection of unisex accessories.

Gehrich is currently running a campaign on IndieGoGo with hopes to “put Melbourne on the map for coats and luxury outerwear.” Funding perks include joining the design team to design a coat for the 2016 collection, meeting the designer, and becoming a Brand Ambassador.

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