COTO Luxe offers a collection of eco-friendly men’s accessories that successfully blend traditional products with fun, innovative design and material choices. Its line, which includes ties, cufflinks, and shirts designed for fashion-forward environmentalists, uses diverse elements, from recycled paper to antique coins. The New York City-based company even offers a surfboard, made from plantation-grown Paulownia wood, that underscores COTO’s fun but professional appeal.

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COTO’s tie selection is both elegant and intriguing, with various bright and vibrant colors offered in both round-bottom or standard tip-point finishes, as well as in bow-tie form. Each tie is hand-sewn locally from all-natural silk or wool dyed with azo-free dyes. As an added bonus, the ties are packaged in an elegant capsule—made of recycled paper—for safekeeping.

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For its cufflinks, COTO gathers materials from the natural world, including Tagua nut, feathers, coconut, and briar root. The Horny cufflinks, for instance, are made from fallen rack antlers that are collected from the forest floors. Because this is a naturally occurring event, no animals are harmed.

And although COTO’s Eaton shirt uses conventional cotton over organic, it’s made in the United States. Another sustainable touch: It’s embellished with buttons made from potato starch.

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