We love this streamlined eco-friendly Bess tunic by Popomomo for its simple, versatile shape. Wear it as a top, as a tunic, or as a dress as an easy, breezy summer piece that quickly transitions from day to night, from casual to dressy, from hot weather to cool. This versatile V-neck number, made from a blend of hemp and organic cotton, can be worn as a mini, with or without leggings, plus or sans belt. In fact, it brings to mind another multitasking maven: Amy DuFault, fashion editor of EcoSalon and co-owner of Shift, a brand-spanking-new eco-fashion boutique in Hyannis, MA. We’ve partnered with Shift to give away this awesome, multi-tasking Bess tunic to one lucky winner. Ecouterre readers can also get 20 percent off any item on her site with the code ecouterre.


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Popomomo stands for post-postmodern movement, which designer Lizz Wasserman explores through clothing. Instead of floating in relative perspectives and endlessly reworking the past, her work focuses on the new and true.

In a time when fashion can be too derivative and wasteful, Popomomo will only produce pieces that are unique and new. Popomomo will not be involved in the idea of disposable fashion, which is expensive, wasteful, and hurts original design ideas.

The Popomomo line uses sustainable fabrics (organic when available) and sustainable dye processes. It also produces the line domestically and tries to work with like-minded companies whenever possible.


Working under the sub-label of a “conscious clothing boutique,” Shift is geared toward women of all ages who consciously want to enjoy purchasing quality wardrobe staples (as much as couture clothing), while having a connection to what they wear.

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