Hell’s Angels, rock stars, and rebels without causes have one thing in common: their reverence of the beat-up leather jacket. If cruelty-free fashion is your schtick, however, The Sway has your back (and front and side, but who’s counting?) Its biker jacket, available for sale at Free People, is hand-patched from offcuts and leftovers of the leather industry, so no animals were harmed to provide that tough-cookie exterior. Need more green cred to go with your street one? The Sway lined its topped with 100 percent recycled pinstripe cotton. Enter now for your chance to win!


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Australian-born designer Belinda Pasqua is the founder of The Sway, a handbag collection hand-crafted from fine excess leathers. As a protocol, many companies generally over-order leathers during manufacturing, which means a percentage of leather pieces are not used or are left over as offcuts. The Sway uses these leathers to create each piece. Due to this, the label does not harm any animals for skins. The Sway’s hangtags, linings, and packaging materials are all made from recycled paper and cotton fibers. Its manufacturing facility is powered using advanced natural alternatives.

+ Biker Jacket $856 at Free People

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