There are few sights more poignant than that of a lonesome glove. (Like condors and socks, they’re meant to mate for life, after all.) Die-hard romantics can take heart, however, because the good folks at Green Thing, a U.K.-based not-for-profit, has set up a matchmaking service for lovelorn mitts. Called “Glove Love,” this new initiative rescues singleton gloves, spiffs them up with soap and water, and pairs them with another widowed arm-warmer that’s looking for a forever partner.


A mere fiver gets you a funky, mismatched pair of new-to-you gloves, all gussied up a Green Thing label and primed for handholding on cold winter nights. Have a forlorn glove you’re looking to set up in time for Valentine’s Day? Send it in to Glove Love to give it another shot at romance. After all, glove is all around.

+ Green Thing