Google Glass is getting a major facelift. On Tuesday, Google announced that the latest iteration of its Internet-connected eyewear will include four new options for prescription-friendly frames, along with three new shapes for detachable sunglasses. In addition, the technology giant has struck a deal with optical-health insurer VSP to subsidize the corrective lenses, which will cost an additional $225 on top of Google Glass’s $1,500 base price. The shades are available for an extra $150. “This marks the next phase in the evolution of Glass as we move towards a wider consumer launch later in 2014,” Google says in a statement.

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With the new frames and sunglasses, Glass wearers—or “Explorers” as they’re referred to—have more than 40 different ways to style their head-mounted devices, according to Google, which until now has largely restricted its users to a singular look.

With the new frames and sunglasses, Glass wearers have more than 40 different ways to style their head-mounted devices.

Explorers can choose from “split,” “thin,” “curve,” and “bold” styles in lightweight titanium for their prescription spectacles or “classic,” “edge,” and “active” shades for sunglasses.

The company also announced plans to release the invitation-only Glass to the general populace by the end of 2014. To prepare optical shops for the likely surge of Glass users, Google worked with VSP to create a training program to teach optometrists how to mount the Glass device on frames and fit it on people’s faces.

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