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Investigators at PETA China have just released bone-chilling footage of workers violently ripping rabbit fur from the animals bodies as they scream in pain, to fuel the growing angora industry. In a campaign launched just as the super consuming day of Black Friday is about to descend upon us, PETA reveals the grim footage in hopes to curb the sale of this cruel material. Each of the rabbits endures this horrific ripping of their skin every three months for two to five years, until they are put to death.

The blood curdling imagery comes from a secret PETA investigator at a factory in China, where the world sources over 90 percent of its angora fur. After the workers yank the fur right from the rabbits’ skin, the animals are left in shock and pain, then placed back into their dirty, cramped cages.

PETA is asking their loyal members of 3 million to help circulate this footage to not only stop the sale of angora, but to show those who aren’t in the know just what the angora label means, dispelling the myth that the animals are not harmed and that their fur is simply shaved before woven into expensive scarves, sweaters and hats. Even rabbits in factories where the shearing method is used are continually abused, as the shearing process requires their arms and legs to be tethered, and many are cut before being returned to their tiny cages.

PETA’s study was conducted in nine angora factories in China, all of which were found to severely abuse the rabbits used for their fur.

+ People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals