Photos by Victoria Egurza

Finding good quality clothes in Argentina, that are not only beautifully designed but are locally produced, can be problematic. But luckily these amazing designs from Greens clothing label have stepped in to fill the void. The studio ensures their items are all made in the Argentine capital, and their new collection are certainly designs that will last. These items are cool and simple, and well made to ensure their durability. Plus they are affordable to boot.

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While the name ‘Greens’ does not have its root in ‘green fashion’, the attitude of the company is impressive. Gabriel Grinshpan, Greens founder, says that so many people asked where the clothes came from that they put the details and the philosophy directly on the items. This has become their tag line, and its pretty inspiring: “Working with social and environmental awareness. Manufactured with pride in Buenos Aires.”

Grinshpan told Ecouterre that many brands in Buenos Aires are really expensive, so Greens wanted to make something more accessible for the people. This is another of their primary aims – to provide their customers with well-made clothes that are more affordable than other alternatives.

Some of the materials, says Grinshpan, are 100 percent cotton, but some of them are synthetic. Greens have put the durability of the items as a priority over organic or ecologically sound items. While this may not be completely in line with other more environmentally friendly designers, their small production line is making a name for itself in Buenos Aires as socially aware contemporary designers.

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