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Greta Eagan is one of eco-fashion’s most fearless crusaders. Besides going to bat for sustainable fashion on her personal style blog, GretaGuide, and greening the latest trends on EcoSalon, Eagan is the founder and executive producer of FashionMeGreen, a hot-off-the-presses eco-fashion-awareness project.

The multimedia project fashions style influencers “green” by offering sustainably stylish makeovers using local designers.

The multimedia endeavor, which fashions style influencers “green” by giving them sustainably stylish makeovers, includes online editorial spreads, behind-the-scenes webisodes, and a “Shop the Shoot” section where purchases can be made. FashionMeGreen launched in May with the LA Project (featuring Lucrecia Chan of Fashion Is Poison), then moved on to New York City (Teen Vogue’s Eleanor Banco) in June.

The project will wend its way through the world’s fashion capitals, including San Francisco in July, Toronto in August, London in September, and Paris in October. Because each city houses its own coterie of eco-designers, FashionMeGreen offers a window into the local color that permeates each fashion ecosystem, while evangelizing the movement in a way that’s not didactic, but inspirational.

Color us green.

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