“Maybe we need to realize that caring about the Earth and taking care of things doesn’t necessarily mean ‘crunchy’; it’s just what we all have to do to live. That definitely is a hurdle, but we’re doing it, you know. We’re trying to make the connection that things should have value. We shouldn’t just buy cheap shit.

“When we buy cheap stuff, we’re treating everything in and around us cheaply, including ourselves. I think we should just keep moving forward. I get frustrated about that all the time because I’m doing this and I’m always called a ‘hippie.’ And I may be and I get that, but I think people need to get over that and realize that we need to take care of what we have.

[To quote American horticulturist Liberty Bailey], if we can’t treat the land that provides for us with respect, how can we expect to treat each other with respect?”

—Kentucky farmer Michael Lewis, founder of Growing Warriors and the protagonist of Harvesting Liberty, a documentary by Patagonia about the fight for industrial hemp legalization, speaking to Ecouterre about the crop’s “hippie” image as an impediment to its acceptance.