“Our products deliver clinically-proven results that mirror exactly what you would find from the big guys with huge R&D budgets and no ingredient restrictions,” she wrote in a blog post on her lifestyle-cum-e-commerce site. “There was an enormous amount of back and forth; working with plant waxes is harder than working with, say, polyethylene glycol compounds (PEGs are often contaminated with known carcinogens and are commonly found in beauty products). The people at Juice are not only brilliant, they’re very patient, and went round after round with me until we got it just right.”

Describing the resulting products as “body food,” Paltrow traded the toxic chemicals found in most beauty products for nutrient-rich, naturally occurring ingredients like aloe; apple, lemon, and grape juices; and “stem cells” sustainably sourced from plants like poet’s daffodil and sweet iris.

For Paltrow, certified-organic formulations were a must. “We chose organic because organic regulations actually exist; there is far greater accountability. On cosmetics, labels stating ‘natural’ or even ‘nontoxic’ can legally contain anything from parabens and phthalates to lead and plastic,” she said. “The term ‘organic” is better regulated; it means something, and requires much more transparency.”

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Her products are so natural, in fact, that she even managed to coax Jimmy Fallon to taste some on his show on Monday night.

“Not bad, not bad!” he said, after dipping a french fry in some face cream. “Better on your face probably.”

The six-piece collection starts at $90 and features everything from a luminous melting cleanser to an exfoliating “instant facial”.

Everything, Paltrow promises, is nothing short of luxurious.

“While safety and transparency came first, it wasn’t worth making a skincare line unless it could rival the most luxurious and effective collections out there,” she said. “And I think we’ve done it: We’ve made a product line that’s safe enough for our daughters, and powerful enough for those of us who have maybe spent too much time in the sun.”

And—let’s be honest—who knows luxury better than Gwyneth Paltrow?

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