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When it comes to the “overwhelming” task of spring-cleaning your closet, Gwyneth Paltrow feels your pain. In the latest issue of Goop, her weekly lifestyle newsletter, the Oscar-winning actress (and self-styled guru of everything) tackles a common housekeeping quandary: deciding which clothes to toss, which to sell, which to store, and what to keep. “I had heard the rule ‘if you don’t wear it, it goes,’ but what about my white tube skirt from Parachute that I bought in 1985?” Paltrow writes. “Sentimental value, people.”

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To come to grips with her own sizable wardrobe, Paltrow enlisted the services of Sarah Hogan of Vault Couture, a luxury storage service in London. Among Hogan’s rules of thumb? Consider the “two tries” rule (“If you have put on a garment and then immediately taken it off to wear something else two or more times, let it go”), donate anything more than six months old with its tags still on (“We live and learn. Assess what doesn’t work, and let it go”), separate and box up nostalgic items and Halloween costumes (“You’ll be amazed how much extra space and order you’ll win back just from this one simple step”).

“All, and I mean every single thing you own, should make you feel great,” Paltrow’s expert says.

“All, and I mean every single thing you own, should make you feel great, from your cashmere sweaters and jeans, to your evening wear,” Hogan says.

With Hogan’s help, Paltrow managed to cull several items, including a two-sizes-too-big blazer from The Row and a pair of Camilla Skovgaard heels similar to another one she owns. For these and other threads off her back, Paltrow is holding an online charity sale, with proceeds benefiting the Edible Schoolyard Project, the David Lynch Foundation, and Pencils of Promise.

“Shoes, bags, dresses, skirts, jackets, and more,” she says. “They were all hard to part with!”

Stars, they’re just like us!

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