It was a battle of the spell-casting femme fatales at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Sunday night. No magical jibes were actually traded, of course, but you had to admit that Harry Potter actress Helen McCrory and Merlin’s Emilia Fox were equally dressed to kill. Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge worked with WilliamVintage to outfit McCrory, who played Narcissa Malfoy, and Fox, who tackled the role of Morgause, in vintage Givenchy haute-couture gowns. “Last night’s BAFTAs was a charming affair,” wrote Firth, who co-founded the initiative to boost sustainable fashion’s profile on the red carpet, on her blog. “It had the right amount of elegance, glitter and soul, especially when it came to the vintage gowns which in our (highly biased!) opinion stole the show.”

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McCrory, who accompanied her husband, Homeland actor Damian Lewis, to the shindig, wore a 1963 ice-blue gown. Fox opted for a 1958 strapless black silk dress, which she accessorized with emeralds from Adler Jewellers.

McCrory wore a 1963 ice-blue gown while Fox opted for a 1958 strapless black silk dress.

Firth had nothing but praise for William Banks-Blaney, the owner of WilliamVintage. “One of the hallmarks of GCC fashion is producing fashion that will last the test of time,” she said. “William curates pieces that have clocked up serious fashion miles but which are all the more alluring for it. It’s as if he has a vintage gown radar and can sense where particular pieces are in the world and he won’t rest until he tracks them down. His aim is to find stunning dresses from the past and breathe life into them again.

Banks-Blaney, she added, reminds her of a “couturier” who “occupies a fashion space and sensibility a million miles away from the disposable, fast fashion market.”

Also wearing WilliamVintage at the BAFTAs were English TV presenter Claudia Winkleman and Joanna Johnston, who scored a nomination for her costume-work on Lincoln.

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