Architect-turned-milliner Gabriela Ligenza has teamed up with the London Festival of Architecture to curate a pop-up exhibition that explores the intersection between hats and architecture. Ligenza and multidisciplinary design duo You&Me commissioned a group of local artists, architects and designers to produce hats inspired by the city of London.

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“The focus of the project is making people smile and helping them to understand that architecture can be playful by putting it somewhere unexpected,” Ligenza tells British Vogue. “We have found that hats and architecture are more similar than expected.”

Hats and architecture are more similar than not, says architect-turned-milliner Gabriela Ligenza.

Some of our favorites: A recycled corrugated-cardboard bowler hat by the architects at Austin + Mergold; a woodsy, cruelty-free version of the iconic bearskin hat by artist Ritta Ikonen; and You&Me’s straw hat made entirely out of maps of London.

The exhibition runs till July 18 at 5 Ellis Street, London, SW1X 9AL.

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[Via British Vogue]