These odd-looking hats, made by photographer and designer Enrique Muda Bull from old basketballs and soccer balls, are probably not the most winsome—or aromatic—of toppers. Then again, if you’re a big sports fan, you’d wear anything to support your team, even if it means jettisoning your dignity and/or sense of smell.

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Retired basketballs and soccer balls in hand, Bull cut along their original seams to create an opening for the would-be wearer’s head. “The shape of the hats follows the original paterns of the balls,” Bull notes on his website. “Very useful for real supporters.”

Bull cuts along the seams of old basketballs and soccer balls to create an opening for the wearer’s head.

No need to head (geddit?) to a boutique to get one of these bad boys, however. Instead, search your closet or local thrift store for a well-loved ball that’s past its prime, then grab a utility knife and go to town. (If you have a small head or want to make one for a kid, simply use a child-sized ball.) Just be prepared for people who’ll want to slap your head and crack jokes about “drop-kicking” or “slam-dunking.”

The things we do for love…

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