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Besides feting vegan treats from 24 vendors, the evening also showcased designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Heather Mills, VPL by Victoria Bartlett, John Bartlett, Novacas for Brave GentleMan, Thieves by Sonja den Elzen, Olsenhaus, Angelrox, Cri de Coeur, DLC Brooklyn, Vaute Couture, GUNAS, and Study NY by Tara St. James. The models were all gracious volunteers, cast by model agent and activist Valerie Oula, with hair and makeup by a team of Aveda students under the direction of Eden Di Bianco, a cruelty-free hair and makeup artist and stylist.

Healthy food for school kids is as much a no-brainer as an ethical and sustainable fashion industry.

Healthy food for school kids in New York (and everywhere) is as much a no-brainer as an ethical and sustainable fashion industry. Both of these things seem like common sense, and even from the most selfish and purely economic perspective, these goals are about maximizing longevity, minimizing enormous expenses, and preventing major problems down the road.

From a compassionate and revolutionary perspective, these ideals represent a cultural shift from one that prioritizes the cheapest and easiest profits at any cost to one of intelligent, careful, thorough, and compassionate planning that maximizes long-term well-being without compromising taste or pleasure.

The NYCHSF is revolutionizing the way schools feed children. Traditionally, children are fed a highly processed, meat- and cheese-based diet that strongly resembles fast food. The NYCHSF is changing that by not only developing and introducing healthy homemade vegetarian entrees, but also by training cafeteria staff and management, school officials, parents, teachers, and children to focus on healthier, delicious plant-based food. Healthy food truly was in fashion at this amazing event!