Every girl dreams of having a well stocked shoe closet, but sadly our wallets don’t always allow this to be the case. Rather than being an overconsumer, one company has a way to change the appearance of the shoes you already have.  Quirkily called Heel Condoms, the accessories fit onto the back of your shoes, and change color, style or pattern in a flash- without breaking the bank.

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Its true, most of us love shoes, and Heel Condoms are a way to foster our addicition, without overspending. One pair of shoes can be dressed up in endless ways, adding anything from straps to bows to fur heels.  Its also easy to dress up a shoe from work to evening, instead of lugging around a second pair of heels. Aside from saving closet space, the accessories also protect the heel of your shoes, or cover up already scuffed spots.

Rather than packing several pairs of shoes for a vacation, Heel Condoms let you conserve precious carry on space. They fold up to pocket size, allowing for room for 8-10 Heel Condoms in the place of just one pair of shoes.

Heel Condoms come in two styles- panty and full condom. Panty style fits any kind of heel, regardless of heel height or thickness, adding a splash of pizzazz. Condom style fits over the entire back of any 2-5 inch heel, totally transforming your look. They stay snug with an elastic band under the heel, or with ankle ties or straps. Each pair are $10-$45, making a clutter free, economical option to update your wardrobe.

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