Photos by Agnes Lloyd-Platt

Sustainable fashion brand Here Today Here Tomorrow hope to revitalise a beautiful but dying craft with hand weavers in Nepal, and help set a new standard for fair trade fashion. The London-based team began designing over three years ago with knitwear and accessories all formed from eco textiles. But a trip to Kathmandu last year began a serendipitous turn of events that lead the four female designers to start working with traditional dhaka, a striking handwoven fabric. “It was hidden away in a back cupboard due to a lack of demand,” says Julia Crew on behalf of the team. Together they realised the potential to bring about change for the tradition and for the community that produces it. Now they are on the case to set production in motion by firing up a kickstarter campaign to gather support and interest.

They began to incorporate the weaving in their sustainable designs. “We fell in love with this textile, and saw an opportunity to finally make our first HTHT clothing and accessories collection, combining the stunning textile with sophisticated and contemporary design,” says Crew. “We also believe this project will help to keep the dhaka weaving tradition from being lost and to allow the women makers and their communities in Nepal to flourish.”

Crew states that their customers are really drawn to the dhaka fabric itself. Its contemporary design is filled with geometric patterns that are simple and dynamic and elegantly cut across knitwear in streaks of vibrant colors.

Take a look at the kickstarter campaign page for more information and find the full line on their website.

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