Discussing the vegan fashion line with Wishyouwerevegan, Tamar says that when she was deciding what materials to use, she took into consideration the entire effects that mass cattle farming and the transporting of skins has on the environment. She says that ÔÇťsynthetic and vegan materials are constantly becoming more ecological, better quality, and incorporating more advanced technologiesÔÇŁ and that she can use the most progressive high quality materials to create some truly beautiful of things.

Tamar understands how much vegan materials on the market vary. But in her designs Tamar uses high-grade materials, for example a lining that she says is “porous and breathable like skin and ecologically sound”. Kr┼że released their inspired collection at the Fashion Footwear Association of New York in January with a combination of traditional and modern styles, as well as original belt and bag designs. The Kickstarter campaign has just three weeks left and we can’t wait to see their collection become a reality this Fall.

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+ Kr┼że Studio