All the world’s no longer a stage. It’s just a very, very big game. Levi’s is leveraging our yen for unlocking badges, scanning codes, and checking in to raise awareness about water issues and bring clean drinking water to communities worldwide. With the launch of a new, interactive “WaterTank” game on Facebook, the denim giant is offering further opportunities for virtual one-upmanship through a series of challenges, the first of which is “liking” Levi’s on Facebook. By completing each task, you “unlock” increasing quantities of agua to support’s lifesaving projects across the globe.


Through the initiative, Levi’s plans to donate $250,000 to to fund programs that will provide at least 200 million liters of water to the more than 1 billion people who lack access to potable sources. The point of the game goes beyond Levi’s largesse, however. Participants also help telegraph word of the water crisis while reexamining their own use of the precious commodity. (Pledging to wash your jeans less and take shorter showers is another challenge.)

Through the initiative, Levi’s plans to donate $250,000 to, or the equivalent of 200 million liters of water.

Virtue may be its own reward but game participants are also eligible for prizes such as Levi’s Water<Less jean. One grand-prize winner and a friend will get to visit a community receiving access to clean water from “While the global water crisis is a huge issue, it’s also a solvable one,” says Gary White, who co-founded with actor Matt Damon. “At, we’ve found social media to be the best, most effective way to engage more people and inspire action. The Levi’s WaterTank game is a great way everyone can take concrete action to make a real difference.”

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