Thanks to outsourcing, only about 1% of shoes are now made in the US. Nicora Johns hopes to begin to change that trend by offering shoes hand-crafted in America. Not only does keeping the supply chain in the area help to support talented craftspeople and bolster small economies, but lets the company maintain an eye on quality and allow for direct supervision.

After two years of selecting each of the over 10 components of the shoes, Nicora Johns has created a transparent supply chain. By partnering with one US and one Canadian company, the brand is able to ensure that their collaborators are adhering to the strictest environmental standards for their man-made leathers, biodegradables, renewable woods, hardware, and natural rubber. Their man-made leather manufacturer has recently reduced 99% of their emissions at their facility and was the first factory of their kind to build a massive solar installation. Johns and several other “shoe gurus” also have plans to build the very first 100% eco-friendly shoe factory within the US.

“We hand source all of our materials ourselves. To create a truly sustainable company, we knew that all of these components AND the components of each component needed to be sourced with complete transparency and independently verified as sustainable.” says Johns.

The shoes themselves have been designed to weather the ups and downs of fashion and become indispensable items for almost any closet.

“Creating personalized wardrobe staples for people is another way we are trying to be sustainable. We do not aim to follow trends – our aim is to make shoes that you can keep forever, wear longer and live in.”  she says.

A minimum pledge of $118 through Kickstarter can score you a pair of flats that can be customized with green materials to suit your taste. Check out their site to pledge support and snag an excellent pair of eco-friendly boots, skimmers, heels, or lace-ups.

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